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Jiao banana bag brand trademark “confusing” kick Sizzling

Shape quite similar to the Birkin bag, plus artists is booming Johnson Banana package blessing, before Johnson was only Hermes eyeing the Banana international companies, the recent creation of bags new brand, “Banana international application to the Intellectual Property Office The trademark was dismissed because too much like bananas international has been registered by the American “banana republics” are, plus purses and leather may confuse consumers. Hands, shoulders to the back of the bag, while back in the ladies circle super-sought-after, plus artists S as marriage do the laying on of hands, the brief bursts local Jiao banana package, but because of the appearance and the Birkin package bore a striking resemblance, the genuine manufacturers eyeing Hermes, wraps across the sea lawsuit. Spokesman Fu Qian Yu (2010.6.8): “In fact, many to buy, are very rich lady, that they are the hands, of course, is also the designer bags, for example, like the Birkin bag.” Industry that has a brand name consumers can easily bag will be able to tell the difference, and above all trademarks, people can not be mistaken, in addition to come forward to defend their rights, the company also decided innovative brand, but this time the name “banana International, but and another registered brand “Banana Republic”, the name of the same, plus bags are selling, and thus by the Intellectual Property Office to fight back votes. Although the company proposed litigation, but the court think that the Monopoly Jiao banana package’s website posted links to Banana Republic, the points go to see or sell Jiao banana package that operators apply for “non-bona fide” and therefore sentenced the company lost the case, originally want the other from Trademarks, he was dismissing the application, whether to appeal, reservations about the company.